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Masking Products From Artool

Stretch Mask & Art Mask Frisk Film
Both products are solvent proof and will not wrinkle, bleed or flutter under airbrush spray and will not lift up paint when removed and/or repositioned. Both products are easy to cut, lift and manipulate and reposition.

Stretch Mask is primarily used on non-porous surfaces (motorcycle tanks, helmets, scale models and automotive surfaces) and is especially suited to conform to curved and irregular surfaces.

94 F103MS "Hobby" Stretch Mask 6” X 10 yds
94 F101 Stretch Mask 18” X 10 yds
94 F102 Stretch Mask 18” X 25 yds

Art Mask is primarily used on porous surfaces and is especially suited for canvas and watercolor paper applications. It can also be used successfully on gesso board, Clayboard and illustration board. In rolls.

94 F201 Art Mask 18” X 10 yds
94 F202 Art Mask 18” X 25 yds

Artool Frisket Film: Low-tack self-adhesive film; Won't wrinkle, bleed or flutter under airbrush spray; Can be removed and/or repositioned easily.

94 F302 Artool Frisket Film 14" x 4 yd. matte roll
94 F303: Artool Frisket Film 24" x 4 yd. matte roll
94 F304: Artool Frisket Film 24" x 10 yd. matte roll
94 F310: Artool Frisket Film 8 sheets 14" x 10" matte

Artool Ultramask Film:
Professional Masking Film For Airbrushing Graphics On Anything! The adhesive backing will not release and will stay on your painting, even when retouch lacquer is applied.

· Tinted film for easy reference and workability
· Low tack with secure adhesive strength (safe for artwork)
· Maximum stretch for irregularly shaped surfaces
· Solvent proof!

94 F501 Artool Ultra Mask Film 24" x 5 yd. matte roll
94 F502 Artool Ultra Mask Film 24" x 10 yd. matte roll



Created by Vandemon, V-Tape is 1/16” fine line paper tape which is perfect for tight, contoured tape lines. It is easy to apply and it will not lift up.

AB 4872-00 V-Tape 1/16 x 55yds. 1 roll
AB 4872-12 V-Tape 1/16 x 55yds. 12 pack

Airbrush Cleaning Brushes:

Paasche Cleaning Brushes

99 AC7 Paasche Cleaning Brushes

Iwata-Medea Redi-caps

Ready-caps, pack of 20

94 I4950 Redi-caps

Excel Hobby Knife & Blades

EX 16001 Excel Hobby Knife

Excel Replacement Blades, five pack

EX 20011 Excel Replacement Blades, five pack

Excel Craft Swivel Knife
5/16" x 4 3/4" L with a 360 rotating blade for easy cutting of paper and film. Includes swivel blade and Safety Cap.

EX 16004 Swivel Knife w/Safety cap

EX 20064 Carded 360 Swivel Blade - 2pcs.

Fits knife #16004, rotates 360 for cutting circles on film or paper. 0.812 x .125 x .125 Edge

NEW !!!


RZ Mask M1 Black
Engineered to form-fit your faceís natural contours, the M1ís durable construction works double duty through every cold weather application. Keep your face warm with waterproof neoprene and keep your lungs protected with a 99.9% pure air breathing experience. Made of durable neoprene construction ideal for cold weather applications Dual-Exhalation Valve System removes moisture and keeps unfiltered air out Velcro closure system comfortably secures mask in place Includes 2 Replaceable Active Carbon Filters and Storage Bag
Sizes: Small - (upto 125 lbs) Regular - (125 lbs to 225 lbs) Extra Large - (more than 225 lbs)


A one-way airflow vent expels condensation keeping the mask interior dry. Each Valve facilitates easy breathing outwards by optimizing airflow. An easy twist seal locks the inner filter in place and blocks unfiltered air.

Neoprene is a comfortable material perfect for the low profile design that fits under goggles and helmets. The Closed Cell Waterproofing blocks moisture and retains optimum body temp. Abrasion-resistant fabric combined with the high durability extends the lifetime of the product and protects it’s user.

The Active Carbon Filters can remove up to 99.5% of dust and particulates from the air. Protection extends to hundreds of uses where light protection can greatly reduce potential lung damage. Replacing filters over time keeps the mask at top level performance.
RZ M1BS Protective Mask Black,
SMALL (upto 125 lbs)
RZ M1BX Protective Mask Black,
XLARGE (more than 225 lbs)

Artist Mounting Adhesive
For temporary or repositional bonds.

BL 82490: Blair Spray Repositionable Mounting Adhesive, 11 oz.

KR 7020: Easy-Tack Repositionable Adhesive Spray, 10.5 oz.

Cutting Rails
Cut Straight and Safe!

Thanks to the patented raised-edge design, the Cuttingrail® prevents sharp blades from hopping over the top and cutting your fingers. The non-slip backing locks onto any surface for extra protection and safety. Cut sign vinyl, paper, board, frisket or textiles the safe way!

94 CR-18 18" Cuttingrail
94 CR-24 24" Cuttingrail
94 CR-30 30" Cuttingrail
94 CR-36 36" Cuttingrail

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