Hoses, etc. All Brands


air hoses for Paasche Airbrushes only

airhoses for Iwata Airbrushes only

airhoses for Badger Airbrushes only

Createx Quick Disconnects
for Paasche, Badger, Thayer & Chandler and Iwata Airbrushes

Disconnect Female (00F)
AB 570400: Disconnect Female
Disconnect Male (Badger/T&C) (00A)
AB 570500: Disconnect Male (Badger/T&C)
Disconnect Male (Paasche) (00B)
AB 570600: Disconnect Male (Paasche)
Disconnect Male (Iwata) (00C)
AB 570700: Disconnect Male (Iwata)
Install Yourself !
1. Cut off end of hose that connects to airbrush.
2. Unscrew female connect, put smaller piece (grooved side in) on one end of the hose and push through.
3. Put other piece, plug end, into hose.
4. Tighten both pieces together with a wrench.

Hose Adaptors, Quick Reference Chart

From Paasche
Adapter, Iwata Airbrush to Paasche hose
99 A-188: Adapter, Iwata to Paasche hose
Adapter, Badger and Thayer/Chandler Airbrush to Paasche hose
99 A151: Adapter, Badger and T&C to Paasche hose
From Iwata
Adapter, Iwata airbrushes to Paasche hose
94 J001: Adapter (Iwata airbrushes to Paasche airhose)
Adapter, Iwata airbrushes to Badger hose
94 J002: Adapter (Iwata airbrushes to Badger airhose)
From Badger
99 50090 Adapter - Badger airbrush to Paasche hose
99 50091 Adapter - Paasche airbrush to Badger hose


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