Auto Air Reducers, Cleaners,
Extenders And Bases


4004 Transparent Base
AB 400402: Transparent Base, 2 oz. List $3.91 - $2.95
AB 400404: Transparent Base, 4 oz. List $5.33 - $4.20
AB 400408: Transparent Base, 8 oz. List $9.79 - $7.50
AB 400416: Transparent Base, 16 oz. List $17.38 - $13.75
AB 400432: Transparent Base, 32 oz. List $29.68 - $22.95
AB 4004128: Transparent Base, Gal. List $114.63 - $89.00

  • Resin base to the Auto Air Colors, and Wicked Colors product lines.

  • Use as a non-reactive barrier over to prevent bleeding. 4004 Transparent Base prevents dye-based candy colors from bleeding though top-coated colors, sealers and other colors

  • 4004 Transparent Base is a very low-build inter-coat which dries clear and semi-tacky compared to 4030 Intercoat which dries hard and flat, making it better for taping on. However 4030 Intercoat is a non-catalyzed polyurethane which will reactive if subsequent coats of 4030 are applied: instead, apply 4004 Transparent Base as non-reactive barrier between candy colors applied over 4030 Intercoat.

  • 4004 transparent Base appears milky in solution and dries clear. For use as inter-coat, apply in very light drop-coats.

4004 Transparent Base is identical to the formerly marketed W200 Wicked Transparent Base



4012 - AutoAir High Performance Reduce
AB 401202: High Perf Reducer, 2 oz.List $4.17 - $3.30
AB 401204: High Perf Reducer, 4 oz.List $6.34 - $5.10
AB 401208: High Perf Reducer, 8 oz.List $12.95 - $10.55
AB 401216: High Perf Reducer, 16 oz. List $16.79 - $13.40
AB 401232: High Perf Reducer, 32oz. List $27.30 - $21.95


  • A premium thinner to lower viscosity for better atomization.
  • Use as an airbrush cleaner when airbrushing colors mixed with 4030 Inter-coat.
  • (Airbrush Cleaner #5618 is not strong enough to clean colors mixed with 4030)
  • For use with Auto Air Colors, Wicked Colors, Illustration Colors and AutoBorne Sealers.
  • Generally added 10% per volume to paint. May be added in greater quantities to achieve best viscosity for atomization of paint. Non-reactive; does not serve as a catalyst.
  • Contains 2-Butoxy Ethanol
Paint has a 72 hour pot-life after mixing with High Performance Reducer.

4012 High Performance Reducer is identical to the formerly marketed W500 High Performance Reducer



4020 - Automotive Reducer
AB 4020-02 Automotive Reducer 2oz $4.55
AB 4020-04 Automotive Reducer 4oz $7.25
AB 4020-08 Automotive Reducer 8oz $13.95
AB 4020-16 Automotive Reducer 16oz $18.95
AB 4030-32 Automotive Reducer 32oz $29.95
  • Colors dry faster, cure to a harder coating compared with reducing with 4012 High Performance Reducer.
  • Specialty thinner for use in humid or cold conditions
  • For use with Auto Air Colors, , Wicked Colors and Createx Illustration Colors.
  • Works excellent with Createx Illustration Colors for automotive detail applications, however reducing with 4020 makes Illustration Colors dry hard without soft-erasing.
  • Makes paint flow easy with minimal tip-dry.
  • Generally added 10% per volume to paint. Non-reactive; does not serve as a catalyst.
  • Contains Acetone and Glycol Ethers. ( flammable can not ship via air )
  • Use only in controlled spray environments with adequate ventilation and a NIOSH / MSHA approved respirator.

4030- Intercoat/Mix Additive/Balancing Clear

4030 - Intercoat Clear
AB 4030-02 Intercoat Clear 4oz $5.85
AB 4030-04 Intercoat Clear 4oz $9.00
AB 4030-08 Intercoat Clear 8oz $17.00
AB 4030-16 Intercoat Clear 16oz $32.00
AB 4030-32 Intercoat Clear 32oz $60.00


4030 Intercoat & Mix Additive
A non-catalyzed, water-soluble polyurethane, clear with dual functions: 1) mix additive and 2) inter-coat.

  1. Mix Additive: Add 10% per volume (9:1) 4030 to any water-based paint for enhanced spray and curing properties similar to solvent-based paints. Performance gains are significant compared to spraying without 4030 additive especially when applying base colors.

    — flow enhancement for a smoother, more level finish

    — eliminates surface tension allowing for heavier coats during application without cratering

    — Improved durability and scratch resistance of coating after air drying

    requires 4030 Intercoat additive for dye dispersion and coating integrity.

  2. Intercoat:: 4030 dries to a hard, flat surface excellent for taping over, especially when using in base colors. Compared with 4004 Transparent Base, 4030 is a much better inter-coat for protecting base colors during masking and taping. However, use 4030 only once as inter-coat as subsequent application can re-activate underlying 4030 Intercoat allowing candy colors to bleed. If a second inter-coat of 4030 is required for graphics, use 4004 Transparent Base first as non-reactive barrier to prevent 4030 re-activation.

4040- Bleed Checker

4040 - Bleed Checker
AB 4040-02 Bleed Checker 2oz $5.85
AB 4040-04 Bleed Checker 4oz $9.00
AB 4040-08 Bleed Checker 8oz $17.00
AB 4040-16 Bleed Checker 16oz $32.00
AB 4040-32 Bleed Checker 32oz $60.00


4040 Bleed Checker

  • 4040 Bleed Checker is a hybridized, urethane-acrylic clear used as an inter-coat intended for application over candy2o to prevent the candy2o’s dyes from bleeding into top-coated colors.
  • Apply 4040 Bleed Checker over candy2o as an inter-coat.  After 4040 has thoroughly dried (30 – 60 minutes), other colors including subsequent candy2o colors may be applied direct without scuffing.  4040 will prevent the underlying candy2o’s dye from leaching (“bleeding”) into the top-coated colors.
  • Apply 4040 Bleed Checker un-reduced, straight from the bottle when applying as an inter-coat over candy2o.  Do not reduce with 4012 Reducer as it’s a solvent used with candy2o and use of it in 4040 will create a shared material between candy2o and 4040 which may allow for bleeding.


5618 Airbrush Cleaner
AB 561804: Airbrush Cleaner, 4 oz List $5.36 - $4.29
AB 561808: Airbrush Cleaner, 8 oz List $6.09 - $4
AB 561816: Airbrush Cleaner, 16 oz List $10.80 - $8.55
AB 561832: Airbrush Cleaner, 32 oz List $18.93 - $14.99


  • Rinses paint from airbrush or spray-gun more effectively compared to water when changing colors.
  • Helps maintain proper working condition of airbrush or spray-gun by preventing build-up of dried paint.
  • 5618 works well as an airbrush cleaner with all Createx Colors, Auto Air Colors and Wicked Colors except when 4030 Inter-coat has been used as a color additive. Colors mixed with 4030 Inter-coat need to be cleaned with 4012 High Performance Reducer

5618 Airbrush Cleaner is identical to the formerly marketed 4007 AutoAir Airbrush Cleaner and W201 Wicked Airbrush Cleaner.


4008 Airbrush Restorer
AB 400804: Auto Air Restorer, 4 oz. List $6.43 $5.25
AB 400816: Auto Air Restorer, 16 oz. List $19.28 $15.75


A water-based, biodegradable cleaner used for soaking airbrush and spray-gun parts after painting.

  • Partially dissolves dried paint allowing for easy clean-up with soap & water.Use as a soak for metallic parts: nozzle, needle, cup.Re-Usable. Keep in metal or ceramic container.Dissolves soft-plastics. Keep away from non-PTFE coated O-rings.
  • Flush airbrush or spray-gun with water after using Restorer.

4008 Restorer is identical to the formerly marketed 5619 Createx Airbrush Restorer

W100/4011 Wicked Reducer
This Product has been Discontinued by Createx/AutoAir, they recommend using 4012 High Performance Reducer


4101 Aluminum Base, Fine Grade Texture
AB 410104: Alum Base, Fine, 4 oz List $8.99 - $7.35
AB 410116: Alum Base, Fine, 16 oz.List $34.08 - $27.85
AB 410132: Alum Base, Fine, 32 oz. List $64.67 - $52.85
AB 410112: Alum Base, Fine, Gal. List $245.59 - $200.65

4102 Aluminum Base, Medium Grade Texture

AB 410204: Alum Base, Med, 4 oz.List $8.99 - $7.35
AB 410216: Alum Base, Med, 16 oz. List $34.08 - $27.85
AB 410232: Alum Base, Med, 32 oz. List $64.67 - $52.85
AB 410212: Alum Base, Med, Gal. List $245.59 - $200.65

4103 Aluminum Base, Coarse Grade Texture

AB 410304: Alum Base, Coarse, 4 oz. List $8.99 - $7.35
AB 410316: Alum Base, Coarse, 16 oz. List $34.08 - $27.85
AB 410332: Alum Base, Coarse, 32 oz. List $64.67 - $52.85
AB 410312: Alum Base, Coarse, Gal. List $245.59 - $200.65

Aluminum Base Colors are actual aluminum with unique properties separate from other Auto Air Colors.  They’re highly reflective, making them an ideal base for candy colors.  They also work excellent as a standalone silver finish; 4102 Aluminum Base Medium is an incredibly brilliant, show quality finish.

Start with 6013 AutoBorne Silver Sealer.   When painting large panels, bike tanks & fenders, complete vehicles, apply 4100 Series Aluminum Bases as a mid-coat over AutoBorne Sealer Aluminum to achieve an even metallic orientation.  When applied over a black or non-metallic base as a base color, 4100 Series Aluminum can appear splotchy on side-cast views despite an even application that looks well orientated on direct views; this is a unique characteristic of the aluminum flake which makes them different compared to 4300 Series Silvers.  4100 Series Aluminums are spectacular silvers, however for large applications; best results are achieved applying them over a silver ground coat.

Aluminum Bases are sensitive to touch.  Do not wipe clean or scuff after painting as any direct contact will create visible streak marks in the final finish due to the aluminum flakes being bent & crushed when wiped.  The aluminum flakes are brilliant but are much different to work with compared to Auto Air 4300 Series silvers.  Applying a clear top-coat or candy mid-coat is recommended soon after Aluminum Bases have cured.  Apply 4004 Transparent Base or 4030 Auto Air Inter-Coat if extended time is planned before top-coating as inter-coat will protect from direct contact when cleaning prior to clear.

Coverage:  Aluminum Bases cover well as they’re applied as a pearl mid-coat over a black sealer base.  100% coverage is not intended as dimension is created by allowing some of the black base to be visible in the final finish.  On average, 2 – 3 light coats with a full sized spray gun over a black base is required.  Avoid excessive material build-up as this creates mottling and a splotchy finish. Refer to Hard Surface Application Guide’s Material Usage project-specified material estimate.

Aluminum Bases are best applied with a spray-gun or large tip-sized airbrush.  Refer to Hard Surface Application Guide for further application information.


4104 Quicksilver Chrome

AB 410404: Quicksilver Chrome, 4 oz. List $27.00 - $22.95
AB 410416: Quicksilver Chrome, 16 oz. List $90.00 - $76.50
AB 410432: Quicksilver Chrome, 32 oz. List $165.00 - $140.25
AB 410412: Quicksilver Chrome, Gal. List $600.00 - $540.00

4104 Quicksilver Chrome is 6061-T6 Aluminum, a highly reflective, aircraft-grade aluminum.

Do not reduce. Spray directly from the bottle around 20 psi inlet. Quicksilver Chrome has excellent adhesion direct to any surface and can be applied direct to glossy, non-sanded surfaces such as powder-coat, urethane finishes, plastics, and any substrate.

Apply over a gloss black surface, such as 4258 Auto Air Gloss Black

Apply Quicksilver Chrome in very, very light coats. It’s essential that some of the black base be visible through the Quicksilver Chrome even on the direct view. It cannot be stressed enough how light Quicksilver Chrome is applied; too much and the brilliant chrome effect is lost. Anodized Colors – Mix Quicksilver Chrome 1:1 candy2o for a true, brilliant anodized color.


4905 Additive Set
AB 490504: Additive Set, 4 oz. List $21.21 $16.80


Set Consisting of 4 oz ea:

  • 4008-04 Restorer
  • 4012-04 High Performance Reducer
  • 4030-04 Intercoat/Mixing Additive

4906 Additive Set w/4020
AB 490504: Additive Set w/4020, 4 oz. List $25.35 $20.09


Set Consisting of 4 oz ea:

  • 4008-04 Restorer
  • 4012-04 High Performance Reducer
  • 4020-04 Automotive Reducer
  • 4030-04 Intercoat/Mixing Additive

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