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Auto Air Colors - Wicked Colors Merger

Wicked Colors is an ultra-high performance, multi-surface airbrush paint suitable for any substrate from fabric to automotive applications. Perfect for t-shirts, automotive graphics, illustration and most any application.

AutoAir Colors and Wicked Colors utilize the same resin system and are identical colors

Wicked contains mild amounts of solvent inter-mixed with a durable, exterior-grade resign and automotive pigments for an extremely durable paint that withstands direct, prolonged exposure to outdoors elements without washing or fading. Wicked Colors have exceptional flow and atomization right out of the bottle with 0.5mm tips.

Wicked Colors may be reduced with 4011 Reducer in any ratio for improved flow, atomization and customizing viscosity preferences. All Wicked Colors are made with the same highly durable binder.

Wicked Product Range

AutoAir Color to Wicked Colors
Cross Reference

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Auto Air Colors - Wicked Colors Cross Reference
Now Wicked AluminumNow Wicked Aluminum
AutoAir Aluminum Bases
Now Wicked Aluminum
AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4101 Aluminum FineW355 Aluminum Fine
4102 Aluminum MediumW354 Aluminum Medium
4103 Aluminum CoarseW356 Aluminum Coarse
AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4104 Quicksilver Chrome W357 Quicksilver
4105 Gold Plating W358 Gold Chrome

AutoAir Semi-Opaque Colors
are now discontinued
except these 2 colors
See New Opaque Colors

AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4201 Brite White W030 Brite White
AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4221 Cream W089 Cream
AutoAir Transparent Colors
Now Wicked Standard Colors
AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4230 WhiteW001 White
4231 Yellow W003 Yellow
4232 Sun Gold W011 Sun Gold
4233 OrangeW004 Orange
4234 Fire RedW005 Fire Red
4235 Traffic RedW015 Traffic Red
4236 Cherry RedW063 Cherry Red
4237 Apple GreenW016 Apple Green
4241 BlueW007 Blue
AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4247 PurpleW006 Purple
4248 Root BeerW010 Root Beer
4249 BlackW002 Black
4251 TanW076 Tan
4253 Red OxideW012 Red Oxide
4255 Cobalt BlueW061 Cobalt Blue
4257 Jet BlackW031 Jet Black
4258 Gloss Black Discontinued

AutoAir Pearl Colors
Now Wicked Pearl Colors

AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4301 WhiteW301 White
4302 SilverW312 Silver
4303 GoldW313 Gold
4304 Lime GreenW305 Lime Green
4305 GreenW308 Green
4306 Teal W309 Teal
4308 BlueW304 Blue
AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4310 MagentaW310 Magenta
4311 PlumW307 Plum
4312 PurpleW311 Purple
4314 BlackW300 Black
4315 OrangeW306 Orange
4316 Radiant RedW303 Radiant Red

AutoAir Metallic Colors
Now Wicked Metallic Colors

AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4330 Metallic White Fine W360 Metallic White Fine
4331 Metallic White Coarse W361 Metallic White Coarse
4332 Metallic SilverW351 Metallic Silver
4333 Metallic GoldW350 Metallic Gold
4334 Metallic BronzeW362 Metallic Bronze
4335 Metallic CopperW363 Metallic Copper
4337 Metallic Blue Silver W364 Metallic Blue Silver
4338 Metallic Burnt OrangeW365 Metallic Burnt Orange
4340 Metallic Midnight BlueW366 Metallic Midnight Blue
AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4341 Metallic Fastback GreenW353 Metallic Fastback Green
4342 Metallic EleganceW367 Metallic Elegance
4343 Metallic PlatinumW352 Metallic Platinum
4344 Charcoal-ViolaW368 Charcoal-Viola
4345 Metallic PewterW369 Metallic Pewter
4346 Metallic Light BrownW370 Metallic Light Brown
4347 Metallic Dark BrownW371 Metallic Dark Brown
4348 Metallic RoseW372 Metallic Rose
4349 Metallic Actress GoldW373 Metallic Actress Gold

AutoAir Iridescent Colors
Now Wicked Pearl Colors

AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4350 Brite YellowW302 Brite Yellow
4355 Brite BlueW381 Brite Blue
AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4356 Electric Blue W382 Electric Blue
4358 PurpleW383 Purple

AutoAir Flair Color-Shift Colors
Now Wicked Flair Color-Shift Colors

AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4411 Flair VioletW450 Flair Violet
4412 Flair Teal/PurpleW451 Flair Teal/Purple
AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4413 Flair Blue/CopperW452 Flair Blue/Copper
4446 Flair Silver SpectrumW453 Flair Silver Spectrum

AutoAir Hi-Lite Interference Colors
Now Wicked Hi-Lite Colors

AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4420 Hi-Lite GoldW400 Hi-Lite Gold
4421 Hi-Lite OrangeW401 Hi-Lite Orange
4422 Hi-Lite RedW402 Hi-Lite Red
AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4423 Hi-Lite GreenW403 Hi-Lite Green
4424 Hi-Lite BlueW404 Hi-Lite Blue
4425 Hi-Lite PurpleW405 Hi-Lite Purple

AutoAir Hot Rod Sparkle Colors
Now Hot Rod Sparkle Colors

AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4501 WhiteW420 White
4502 SpectrumW421 Spectrum
4503 Gold W422 Gold
4504 BlueW423 Blue
AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4505 GreenW424 Green
4506 RedW425 Red
4507 PurpleW426 Purple

AutoAir Cosmic Sparkle Colors
Now Wicked Cosmic Sparkle Colors

AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4520 SilverW410 Silver
4521 Gold W441 Gold
4522 Red W442 Red
4523 CopperW443 Copper
AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4524 BlueW444 Blue
4525 GreenW445 Green
4526 Autumn RedW446 Autumn Red

AutoAir Sparklescent Colors
Discontinued No Longer Available

AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4530 Mango II Discontinued
4531 Electric Green II Discontinued
4532 Tequila Yellow II Discontinued
4533 Toxic Green II Discontinued
4534 Porn Star Pink II Discontinued
AA Number/Color Wicked Number/Color
4535 Rock Star Red II Discontinued
4537 Nightmare Blue II Discontinued
4590 Bads Bing Silver Discontinued
4592 Rad Berry Discontinued
4593 Sun Gold Orange Discontinued

REV 03/2021

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