Badger 105 Xtreme Patriot 105

New from Badger the Xtreme patriot 105 Airbrush, gravity feed, dual action, internal mix with nozzle size .3 and linear air-flow angle 5 degrees Special Features:
  • On airbrush Precision Air Control (PAC) Dial - restricts and increases air flow
  • High Roller Triger - approximately 1/4" taller w/rolling radius top for greater detail control and needle response
  • Accuracote Dark Ice Finish - virtually repels paint making airbrush, especially color cup, cleaning/maintenance a joy rather than a task
  • Torpedo Spay Regulator - makes access to needle/paint tip, for tip dry removal easier than any airbrush on the market.

99 105XTR
The Xtreme Patiot 105 Airbrush only in carring case
List $165.00

99 105XTR: Xtreme Patiot 105 Airbrush only

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