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Badger Airbrush Hoses

Durable rubber air hose in braided fiber "housing". Swivel connection for airbrush at one end and varying air source connector fitting at opposite end.

502011 hose

99 502011 Hose, 10' braided Retail $21.10
99 502025 Hose 10' braided with in-line moisture trap Retail $37.50

Badger Airbrush Hose Adapters

99 502018 Hose 8' braided with Airbrush quick disconnect female fitting only Retail $37.20
99 51038 Quick disconnect male for Badger/T&C airbrushes
Retail $6.00
99 51039 Quick disconnect male for Paasche airbrushes
Retail $7.50
99 51040 Quick disconnect male for Iwata airbrushes
Retail $7.50

99 50090 Adapter - Badger airbrush to Paasche hose
Retail $4.70
99 50091 Adapter - Paasche airbrush to Badger hose
Retail $4.70

NEW from Badger!

50052 adapter 1/8"to 1/4"

1/8" Femal to 1/4" Male Adapter
Made from Stainless Steel
This will convert a 1/8" to 1/4" Compressor / Hose Adapter

99 50-052 Adapter 1/8" to 1/4"

50052 adapter 1/8"to 1/4"

1/4" Compressor Female to 1/8 male for Badger 50-0012 Hose

99 50-023 1/4" Compressor Adapter 1/4"F to 1/8"M

Bottles and Adapters

50052, 50053 Glass bottles
99 500052 Bottle, glass, 3/4oz. with plain plastic cap
Retail $1.70
99 500053 Bottle, glass, 2oz. with plain plastic cap
Retail $2.40

51054 plastic jar 3oz w/cap

99 500054 Bottle, Plastic, 3oz. with plain plastic cap
Retail $3.80

Additional Bottle Assemblies available from Paasche

Additional Bottle Assemblies available from Iwata

59208 bottle Adaper 50208m Bottla adaper

99 50208M Bottle Adapter, Metal (all bottom feed except 350 airbrush) Retail $5.10
99 50208 Bottle Adapter, Nylon, Fast blast (all bottom feed except 350 airbrush) Retail $3.80
510055 Bottle Assemble w/Adapter
99 510055 Bottle Assembly Complete w/Bottle Adaper 3 oz. plastic (not for 350 airbrush) Retail $8.70

99 500483 Color Cup 1/4oz (replaces 50-0482)
Retail $10.00

Double Airbrush Holder

Holds two airbrushes of any make or model. Allows easy access to your airbrushes; eliminates dropping of airbrush and paint spills. Clamps securely to any drafting desk or taboret edge (up to 2" 5cm thick). (#125)

125 Airbrush holder

99 125 Double Airbrush Holder
Retail $28.60

Regdab NEEDLE JUICE Airbrush Lubricant

Enhances smooth trigger action and eliminates needle friction due to dry paint build up (# 122).

122 regdae Lubricant

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS/MSD) available here

  • 99 122 Lubricant, airbrush
    Retail $5.70

    Complete Airbrush Maintenance Kit

    CMK0116 Maintenance Kit

    All the tools, applicators and "gadgets" necessary to keep your airbrush in "like new" condition!

    Add Years to the life of any airbrush

    KIT CONTENTS: Dis-assembley Tray, Small Part Holding Tubs(2), Part Inspection Magnifying Lens, Needle De-burring File, Needle Polishing Paper, Needle Cleaning Buffer Pad, Color Cup Cleaning Pads(6), Precision Point Cleaning Swabs(10), Various Crevice Application/Cleaning Tools(6), 2oz Multi-Purpose Cleaning Agent, Nozzle Protecting Grip Cap, Spare Valve O-ring, Spare Head Seal, Tread Sealant, 1oz Needle Juice, Valve Allen Wrench, Instruction Guide.

    99 CMK-0116 Complete Airbrush Maintenance Kit
    Retail $55.00

    250-2 Spray Gun

    This single action gun is perfect for jobs requiring large overall coverage with medium to heavy viscosity materials. Modeling, school projects, home improvement projects, workshop jobs, ceramic underglazing, fogging, texturing and stenciling can all be handled by the Model 250. The spray pattern can be adjusted from 3/4" (19mm) to 2" (50.8mm) simply by turning the paint tip. The Model 250 uses 3/4 oz. (22ml) or 2 oz. (60ml) jars.

    250-2 consists of Airbrush, 50-0052 3/4oz Jar with cover, 50-001 Vinyl Air Hose 5 ft. / 1.52m and 50-200 Propel Regulator

    Note: If using with compressor it is recommend to use one of the Braided Hoses below.

    250-2 Spray Gun Set

    99 2502 250 Sprayer Set
    Retail $28.00

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