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Paasche Temporary Tattoo Supplies

Not recommended for face painting.

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Paasche Temporary Tattoo Ink

With an airbrush you can apply a large complex tattoo or large tribal armband in seconds! Paasche Tattoo Paints use only the finest ingredients and combined with our high quality airbrushes, the results cannot be beat. Our tattoo paints are made with only F.D.A. approved ingredients and are produced under lab conditions in a alcohol base. The glitter paints contain a fine glitter and spray just like the basic colors. Paasche Temporary Tattoo Paints last 3-7 days. The tattoo usually starts to fade by the 4th day. This depends on the skin type and how well you take care of the tattoo. Easily removed with isopopl alcohol.

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS/MSD) available here

  • Color Swatch   2 oz
    $15.00 List - $14.25 SALE
    Passche Temporary Tattoo Basic Colors
    Paasche Tatto Color Black   TI-201 Black 2oz
    Paasche Tatto Color Red   TI-202 Red 2oz
    Paasche Tatto Color Red   TI-203 Yellow 2oz
    Paasche Tatto Color Red   TI-204 Blue 2oz
    Paasche Tatto Color White   TI-205 White 2oz
    Paasche Tatto Color Red   TI-206 Hot Pink 2oz
    Paasche Tatto Color Red   TI-209 Green 2oz
    Paasche Tatto Color Red   TI-210 Purple 2oz
    Paasche Tatto Color Red   TI-213 Orange 2oz
    Passche Temporary Tattoo Clear Coat
    Color Swatch   2 oz
    $14.00 List - $13.30 SALE
    Paasche Tatto Color Red N/A TC-2 Tattoo Clear Coat 2oz

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