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5702 Airbrush Bottles w/Cap

AutoAir Paint Set

Createx empty Airbrush Bottles with Flip Cap are the same bottles used for all Createx 2 oz. and 4 oz Colors.

Crystal clear bottles for Acrylic and watebase paints.
Not solvent proof.

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AB 5702-02 Empty Airbrush bottles w/cap, 2 oz $1.56 $1.50
AB 5702-04 Empty Airbrush bottles w/cap, 4 oz $1.68 $1.60

5701 Bottle Adapters

AutoAir Paint Set

Createx Bottle Adapters for Createx 2 oz and 4 oz bottles

  • For 2oz and 4oz bottles
  • Eliminates messy cleanup of airbrush color bottles
  • Plastic Redy Cap prevents colors from drying when stored
  • Made in U.S.A
  • .

Works with all siphon feed airbrushes.

Complete with ready-cap and siphon tube (can be cut to fit 2 oz bottles)

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AB 5701-01 Bottle adapters, 3 pack $9.65 $8.95
AB 5701-06 Bottle adapters, 6 pack $17.37 $16.95
AB 5701-12 Bottle adapters, 12 pack $29.59 $27.50

5702 Mustard Caps

AutoAir Paint Set

Createx Mustard Caps

Same cap used on Createx Illustration Colors in 1 oz, 2 oz and 4oz Colors.

Two-part Cap makes it easy to adjust color flow for small amounts of color. Fits all Createx 2 oz and 4 oz bottles.


Sorry currently not available

5917-00 How to Begin Airbrushing DVD

AutoAir Paint Set

How to Begin Airbrushing DVD with Kent Lind

For airbrushing on textiles and many surfaces, Createx Airbrush Colors is the most recognized and trusted brand in the world.

Airbrush master Kent Lind introduces you to the world of Createx and its diverse applications and techniques. Kent Lind covers the basics any artist new to airbrushing needs to learn to have success.

Topics covered include equipment, airbrush disassembly and maintenance, reducing paint, air pressure, use of color, blending techniques, basic skills techniques and more. This DVD is the ultimate primer for beginning airbrush artists.

Run time 78 minutes.

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AB 5917-00 How to Begin Airbrushing DVD $6.70 $6.60

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