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Paasche Deluxe Airbrush Hanger

Deluxe Airbrush Hanger. Can hold up to 4 airbrushes at one time. Good for any airbrush brand of airbrush. The adjustable clamp fits to any size table.

Deluxe Airbrush Hanger
Deluxe Airbrush holder
99 A194 Deluxe Airbrush holder


Airbrush Hanger. Attaches to side of your work area

Airbrush Hanger
99 A-34: Airbrush Hanger

Paasche Airbrush Cleaning Kit

Airbrush Cleaning Kit. 7 piece airbrush cleaning kit. Can be used to clean any airbrush. Makes cleaning hard to reach areas simple. Seven different size brushes. Can be used on any model airbrush.

Airbrush Cleaning Kit
Airbrush Cleaning Kit
99 AC7 Paasche Airbrush Cleaning Kit

Paasche Airbrush Lube

To be used for lubricating you trigger and needle for smother action

Paasche Airbrush Lube

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS/MSD) available here

  • Paasche Airbrush Lube
    99 AL-2 Paasche Airbush Lube

    Respirator & Dust Mask

    Paint and Vapor Respirator

    99 99 ---This respirator is NIOSH approved to protect against most organic vapors and a minimum 95% efficient filtering of non-oil particulates. This typically includes Inks, Solvents, Lacquer and Enamel paints. List $39.50

    Paasche Paint & Vapor Respirator
    99 99 Paasche Paint & Vapor Respirator
    List $39.50
    Paasche Replacement Filters
    99 99-8 Replacement Filters for 99 Respirator (16 Per Box)
    List $9.50

    Paasche Replacement Cartriges
    99 99-9 Replacement Cartridge for 99 Respirator (6 Per Box
    List $16.40

    Softseal Disposable Respirator

    Softseal Disposable Respirator (20/Box) This single use respirator should only be used with AEX, AE and SSO powders. Do not use with Paints. It is NIOSH approved to be a minimum 95% efficient in filtering out non-oil particulates.

    Paasche Softseal Disposable Respirator
    99 2DS N95-Softseal Disposable Respirator (20/Box)

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