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Artool Cutting Rails And Artist Bridge

Artool Cutting Rails


Cutting Rails Cut Straight and Safe! Artool Cutting Rails prevents sharp blades and rotary cutters from hopping over the top and cutting your fingers due to the patented raised-edge design.. The non-slip backing locks onto the surface to prevent slipping for extra safety when cutting sign vinyl, paper, illustration board, frisket film or textiles.

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Item No. Description Retail Sale
CR 6 Cutting Rail 6" $12.75 $9.80
CR 12 Cutting Rail 12" $15.25 $12.00
CR 15 Cutting Rail 15" $17.25 $13.79
CR 18 Cutting Rail 18" $20.00 $15.55
CR 24 Cutting Rail 24" $22.00 $17.35
CR 30 Cutting Rail 30" $26.00 $20.45
CR 36 Cutting Rail 36" $29.90 $22.70

Artool Artist Bridge


With the non-flexing Artist Bridge you will never smear or smudge your artwork again because you are always resting an 1/8 in. above your work. The clear acrylic allows you to keep an eye on your work at all times. You can control all soft and wet mediums with confidence, whether rendering details or cutting in accurate line work. Use paintbrush, pastels, charcoal, markers or airbrush with professional results every time!

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Item No. Description Retail Sale
MRC 12 Artist Bridge, 12" Clear Acrylic $26.50 $19.85
Rev 02.2024