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  • Iwata Cleaning Products

    Iwata Airbrush Cleaning Kit

    Iwata Cleaning Kit
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    Iwata Airbrush Cleaning Kit does a great job of keeping your airbrush clean and pristine. Complete with:

    • Illustrated Instructions
    • Artool Studio Wipes 12 Count Pouch
    • Iwata Nozzle Wrench
    • Iwata LED Magnifier
    • 50 Pipe Cleaners
    • Extra Small Cleaning Brushes
    • Medea SuperLube
    • Medea Airbrush Cleaner
    • Sturdy Iwata Case With Latch And Hang Loop

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    94 CL 100 Cleaning Kit

    Contains: Case. LED Magnifier, Nozzle Wrench, Super Lube, 1 oz Airbrush Cleaner, Studio Wipes (12 count), Pipe Cleaners (50), Three extra small Cleaning Brushes and Illustrated Instructions.
    Retail $31.85

    94 CL 150 Cleaning Kit Refill Pack

    Contains: Studio Wipes, Cleaning Brushes, Pipe Cleaners and Airbrush Cleaner
    Retail $9.75

    LED MagnifierNozzle Wrench

    94 CL MG1 Iwata LED Magnifier

    Inspect airbrush parts at 30X/60X with white and blue LED lights
    Retail $9.75

    94 CL NW1 Iwata Nozzle Wrench

    Remove or tighten your nozzle without damage (Fits all Iwata
    and MEO airbrushes except Eclipse Series and the NEO TRN2
    side-feed Trigger Airbrush
    Retail $9.75

    Iwata Lube


    If your trigger or needle is not moving easily or feels “sticky” you may need a small drop of Iwata Lube to lubricate the o-rings. iwata Lube is a non-toxic product that does not contain petroleum or silicone additives. It will not fisheye or react with any water, lacquer or enamel-based paints.

    Needle O-Ring Lubrication: Put a tiny drop of Iwata Lube where the taper of the needle starts. With a towel, gently wipe the SuperLube towards the sharp needle point and replace the needle the into airbrush.

    Trigger (Piston Packing) O-Ring Lubrication: Put a tiny drop of Iwata Lube on the blunt end of the needle. Insert blunt end through the trigger opening and into the piston packing hole. Move needle up and down and in a circular motion to lubricate the o-ring.

  • 94 015001 Iwata Lube 10cc

    Retail $11.17

    Iwata Cleaning Mat

    Cleaning Mat

    94 CL 200 Airbrush Cleaning Mat

    Non-skid backing, 11.75" x 10.75', with raised edge to take apart and reassemble airbrush on a large, safe and soft surface
    Retail $25.25

    Iwata Artool Studio Wipes

    660012 Artool Studio Wipes Pouch

    12 count Pouch Featuring Medea Airbrush Cleaner. Wipe away paint from your airbrush or needle and keep your work surface clean 3.14

    94 660080 Artool Studio Wipes Tub

    80 count Tub Featuring Medea Airbrush Cleaner. Wipe away paint from your airbrush or needle and keep your work surface clean.
    Retail $12.95

    Iwata Airbrush Maintenance Products

    Iwata Pro Maintenance Tool Kit

    Maintenance Tool Kit

    Fine Tune Your Airbrush For Ultimate Performance with the Iwata Professional Airbrush Maintenance Tool Kit, Kits contains the following:

    • Iwata Air Value Guide Wrench
      Easily customize the main lever spring tension or replace the air valve
    • Iwata Soft Jaw Plies specialized pliers to assemble or disassemble an airbrush without damaging the chrome surface
    • Iwata Needle Packing Screw Drivers
      Easily remove, assemble and adjust the airbrush needle packing set (needle Packing screw and packing) 1.2mm & 1.4mm drivers
    • Iwata nozzle wrench
      Remove or tighten the nozzle without the risk of Over-tightening (Fits all airbrushes except for Iwata Eclipse series and NEO for Iwata TRN2 side feed trigger airbrush
    • Needle Storage Tube
    • Zippered Airbrush Case
    Sorry Individual tools currently not available separately.

    94 CL 500 Iwata Pro Airbrush Maintenance Kit

    Iwata Pro Airbrush Maintenance Kit
    Retail $99.95

    Iwata Zippered Airbrush Case

    Zippered Case

    • Durable nylon case
    • Fits up to 6 airbrushes
    • Removable zippered pouch
    • Stores accessories and maintenance tool

    94 CL 500E Iwata Zippered Airbrush Case Empty

    Iwata Zippered Airbrush Case
    Retail $14.95

    Iwata Workstation

    Iwata Work Station

    Iwata Workstation
    Stand-alone products designed to work together

    Universal Spray Out Pot

    spray out pot

    • Eliminate overspray when cleaning your airbrush
    • Universal airbrush hanger fits all gravity-feed, side-feed, bottom-feed and trigger-style airbrushes
    • Filter cap / airbrush parts holder (extra filters included)
    • Easy-to-clean, dishwasher safe 10 oz (300 cc) glass pot
    • Removable, non-skid pot sleeve

    CL 300 Iwata Universal Spray Out Pot

    94 CL300 Iwata Universal Spray Out Pot
    Retail $31.95

    CL 310 Iwata Universal Spray Out Pot Filter

    94 CL300 Iwata Universal Spray Out Pot Filter
    Retail $5.50

    Universal Airbrush Holder

    Airbrush Holder

    • Two (2) universal airbrush hangers that hold any combination of gravity-feed, side-feed, bottom-feed and trigger-style airbrushes
    • Specific hanger design holds airbrushes securely so they cannot be accidentally pulled from hanger
    • Heavy-duty clamp for tables up to 3 inches (76.2 mm) thick
    • Includes Workstation bracket for Universal Spray Out Pot and screw for Iwata filter and air regulator mounting bracket

    AH 400 Iwata Universal Airbrush Holder

    94 AH400 Iwata Universal Airbrush Holder
    Retail $32.75

    For Iwata Filter and Regulators click here

    Air-Port Airbrush Work Station

    Air-port work Station
    Chick Image for larger view

    The AIR-PORT™ AIRBRUSH WORK STATION provides a simple and convenient way to keep you organized. Easily mount your AIR-PORT™ with its sturdy mounting magnets anywhere you work! It magnetically attaches to metal surfaces with excellent reliability. Or, you can bolt it to a desired location for permanent mounting. Made of solid 18-gauge steel construction with a powder-coated finish, the AIR-PORT™ holds 3 airbrushes and all your airbrushing supplies, so you can keep focused on your work and not be wondering "Where did I put that... !?" Dimensions 9" w x 5" d x 2.5" h / Weight 4lbs.

    KJ200 Iwata Airport Work Station Magnetic

    94 KJ200 Iwata Air-Port Magnetic Mounting Workstation
    Retail $163.16

    Air-Port Hanger
    Chick Image for larger view

    The AIR-PORT HANGER ™ will hang most styles of airbrushes. It's adjustable hanging positions accommodate for the most varying types of airbrush shapes and feed types. The AIR-PORT HANGER ™ is constructed of solid 18 gauge steel for long lasting durability. It will attach securely to most metal surfaces by its powerful magnetic mounting magenta, or it can be bolted permanently to any work area.

    KJ100 Iwata Air-Port Hanger Magnetic Mounting

    94 KJ100 Iwata Air-Port Manger Magnetic Mounting
    Retail $27.15

    Iwata Triple Action Handle Sets

    triple action handle

    Iwata K150 - Triple Action Handle Set with Silver Handle

    The Triple Action Handle gives you instant access to the needle for fast full flushing and quick and easy replacement or cleaning. A unique pre-set handle feature actually holds the needle back from the nozzle instead of limiting trigger movement, allowing for more consistent spray time after time. An added bonus to the Triple Action Handle is it has a threaded needle knob on the rear of the handle to store your needle cap, too! The triple action handle gives you one effective solution to your airbrush cleaning process.

    Click here to download the Triple Action Handle Assembly Instructions in pdf format.

    The Triple Action Handle is sold as a set with one silver handle or with an additional five colored handles, silver, orange, blue, red and green.

    Iwata K150 - Triple Action Handle Set with Silver Handle

    IW K150 Triple Action Handle Set
    Retail #32.73

    Iwata K155 - Triple Action Handle Set with 5 Colored Handles

    Same as IW K150 Triple Action Handle Set with 5 Colored Handles

    Triple action handle with exter handles

    Iwata K155 - Triple Action Handle Set with 5 Colored Handles

    IW K155 Triple Action Handle Set w/5 Colored Handles
    Retail $43.14

    Iwata External MAC Valve

    Mac Valve

    Infinite Control of Airflow at the Airbrush

    · Spray a coarse stippling effect to full atomization with a quick turn
    · For fine line or detail work, adjust to create optimum airflow for maximum control of paint output
    · Fully open the External MAC Valve and quickly clean the airbrush during color changes or for wide background spraying

    Assembly Instructions:

    1. Thread the External MAC Valve onto airbrush.
    2. Connect airhose to External MAC Valve.

    Fits all Iwata airbrushes.

    Iwata K250 - External MAC Valve

    IW K250 External MAC Valve
    Retail $32.73

    Pistol Grip Filter

    Pistol Grip filter

    For clean, dry air-flow.

    Attaching directly onto the airbrush, the Iwata-Medea Pistol-Grip Filter is the final defense to deliver clean, dry air to your airbrush. Miniature in size, the super-fine, 5-micron filter element performs like a full-size filter separator.

    The clear filter bowl allows a visual inspection of built-up moisture and is evacuated through a spring-loaded release valve – without taking the filter off the airbrush.

    Comfortable in the hand, the Pistol-Grip Filter acts as a handle on the airbrush to relieve muscle tension.

    Fits all Iwata airbrushes.

    Iwata FA450 - Pistol Grip Filter

    IW FA450 Pistol Grip Filter
    Retail $33.75


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