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Carbon Fiber FX by Chris Cruz

These Artool Carbon Fiber FX templates, designed by Chris Cruz and laser cut by Artool, are produced using a special polymer-coated material. With proper care and without folding, Texture FX Templates will withstand years of repeated use. Please note: Although these stencils are polymer-coated, they are not made from Mylar material and therefore will not last as long as stencils that are made from Mylar. Spray light layers of atomised paint through the stencil for best longevity, and avoid drenching it. If you are spraying solvent based paints through them then you could use a top coat or lacquer on the surface to protect the stencil.

This set includes:

  • 1x Standard Fiber FX template – 7" x 9" approximately
  • 1x Mini Fiber FX template – 7" x 9" approximately
  • Chris Cruz Artistry Step-by-Step Carbon Fiber FX included on front of package!

"I have been creating Carbon Fiber FX in my artwork since 2002 with awesome results, which appear to be absolutely carbon fiber real!

To accomplish a good carbon fiber look, it took many hours of precision airbrushing and taping and not always with great success. Now you can reproduce this awesome look with the Artool Carbon FX Freehand Airbrush Templates. Create carbon fiber on anything: helmets, vehicles, parts, RC cars, hobby projects, planes, wherever your mind’s eye can take you.

With Carbon FX, airbrushing is much simpler, efficient and has just the right sharpness. The best advantage of the Carbon Fiber FX is that you can create a dynamic look with a multitude of colour choices in many degrees of contrast in short order!"

- Chris Cruz.


Carbon Fiber
FX - 1

CFFX-1 TEMPLATE Click image for larger view

Carbon Fiber
FX - 2

CFFX-2 TEMPLATE Click image for larger view

Carbon Fiber FX Template Set

Complete Set of All 2 above Templates

FH CFFX 1 Carbon Fiber FX Complete Set
$31.72 List

94 FHCFFX1 Carbon Fiber FX Complete Set

REV 08/2017

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