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Evil 3 by Craig Fraser

“Stencil the World: Because one size does not fit all!”

Whoever said good things only come in small packages was dead wrong, unless you consider three completely twisted skull designs as good. Evil 3 is the perfect embodiment of “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil.” Of course what better way to ensure this than to stitch eyes, mouth and ears shut, eh?! Needless to say, we have combined all of this fun into one package! In various sizes, these suckers pack a serious detailed punch, and with a little extra Freehand® work, you can make ‘em all your own. No matter where you’re at, with airbrush in hand, you will have some kewl skulls to tag on your respective artwork.

In the world of kustom painting, sometimes one stencil cannot size up to the job at hand. What to do? Make them in other sizes! Taking a lesson from fast food restaurants, we are now taking selective stencils from Artool’s vast Freehand arsenal and making them in multiple sizes. Now you can create the same design on your model car, RC car, model plane, bike, hot rod, off-shore boat and not worry about scale! Not only that, with the variety of Evil 3, “collage stencils,” such as Bonz, can now be combined to create a myriad of different scale combinations for those killer skull landscapes that the whole family can enjoy.

Now go paint something!

Set contains 4 templates:

Approximate dimensions of each stencil:

  • Small 5.5" x 3" (14cm x 7.5cm)
  • Medium 8" x 4.5" (20cm x 11.5cm)
  • Large 11" x 6" (28cm x 15cm)
  • Extra Large 15" x 7.5" (38cm x 19cm)

Evil 3 Template

Evil 3
Click image for larger view

Set of 4 Sizes $65.47 List

Set of 4 templates

REV 08/2017

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